10 Best GreedFall Mods for Companions, Reputation, and Customization

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Mods can reinvigorate any game by making systems simpler or bringing entirely new ones to the fore, changing the base experience for the better. It's one of the main reasons so many people play games on the PC in the first place. And these are the best GreedFall mods. 

The game has already spawned quite a bit of fan-made content over on Nexus Mods almost too much to sort through — since it's launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 10. But all mods are not created equal. 

So while you might be looking for mods, you might not have the time to sift through them all. That's where we come in. Don't fret. Here are our picks for 10 of the best GreedFall mods available as of September 23, 2019. 

Mod: Camera Overhaul

Download this mod here.

There's a reason this mod is top of the charts on the Nexus database. GreedFall's camera can use a little TLC, and this mod irons out a lot of the issues we had with the default setup. It addresses a few things:

  • Increases the field of view slider maximum, allowing you better peripheral vision
  • Removes lots of camera movement (no more combat shaking!)
  • Normalizes a lot of changes, like when you unsheathe a weapon or get in a fight

If GreedFall's camera has got you down, this is the mod for you.

Mod: Increase (or Decrease) Party Size

Download this mod here.

If you feel bad leaving any of your companions behind, don't! This mod allows you to adjust your party size as you see fit.

If you're having difficulty getting through a certain section or just want to see how things shake out with a bigger or smaller group of companions, this mod will help you do just that.

This mod has been updated a few times already since its release, so check back often for the latest version.


Mod: Companion Battle Chatter Silencer

Download this mod here.

Maybe GreedFall's companion battle cries are intentionally annoying in order to force the player into testing non-combat options? Intentional or not, you're probably sick of hearing, "Things are about to get dicey!".

Use this mod to replace any battle cry that you're sick of hearing with sweet, sweet silence.

This GreeFall mod even turns off lip sync for character models, so you can turn Kurt, Vasco, and all your other companions into mute, killer mannequins just as the lord intended.

Mod: More Carry Weight

Download this mod here.

Simple and to the point: never leave your treasures behind again!

One of the biggest issues with any RPG is deciding what equipment and items to take with you and which to leave behind. This mod lets you to forget all that and just carry everything. 

Turn GreedFall into the packmule simulator you always wanted it to be, and carry around a weapon for every possible scenario. Or, you know, just give yourself a little extra carrying weight when you need it. That works, too.


Mod: Sheathe

Download this mod here.

There are actually multiple "visible sheathed weapons" mods on Nexus, but this is the best one as of this writing. It's just a small visual flair, but it does add to the immersion of GreedFall.

This mod just makes it so all of the weapons your character has equipped are visible, even when they aren't in use. Guns, swords, axes... some of them look better than others, depending on your equipment.

Overall, it's a small but excellent touch that adds to the game's aesthetic.

Mod: Easy Increase Reputation

Download this mod here.

One irritating thing in GreedFall is how easy it is to lose reputation with certain factions. Especially when you're first learning the game, you might cause irreparable harm to your reputation and lock yourself out of future quests without even realizing it.

This mod changes that.

It starts you with a high reputation for both factions and companions. Making your reputation skyrocket only takes a few points.

See all GreedFall has to offer in its late-game faction quests by building that reputation early — or never losing it at all. 


Mod: Remove Brown Filter

Download this mod here.

There's a bit of duality in GreedFall's graphics. It seems like the game has the potential to be really pretty, but a lot of the environments fall a bit flat.

If you're sick of the "beautiful new world" of Teer Fradee being washed out in browns, give this mod a look. All it does is remove the brown filter that nearly everything is washed in, but it really helps spruce up the game's environments. 

Mod: Minimalist HUD

Download this mod here.

If you want to take better screenshots, or you're just sick of all the clutter blocking your view, you've got to download this Minimalist HUD mod. It removes everything from GreedFall's display — other than the compass at the top. And even then, it cleans that up, too.

It's amazing how immersive a game can be once your remove on-screen tools like the health and XP bars. 


Mod: Vasco Less Tatts

Download this mod here.

Always wanted to romance Vasco but freaked right out by his face tattoos? Surprisingly, there's a mod to help with that!

File this one under the "small visual tweaks" category, and like us, you might be surprised by how much more you like Vasco's look.

It's mods like these that make PC gaming interesting. Mods run the gamut of "massive overhaul" to "tiny little thing," but sometimes, those tiny little things are the most essential. While it's simply a personal choice, this mod has the potential to be essential.

Mod: No Skill and Talent Points Requirements

Download this mod here.

If you just want to experience all the skills in GreedFall, then this is the mod for you. It removes the need to spend points on the game's different skills and talents, allowing you to just pick the ones you like.

Yes, this will make your character extremely overpowered, but it also allows you to experiment with the different options for completing quests and objectives. Don't use it for your first playthrough, but go back and try it on the next go around.

More GreedFall mods are going up all the time, so go check them out and see if anything else piques your interest on the GreedFall Nexus Mods page. As of this writing, there aren't any nude mods, though we're sure they're on the way.

If you can't get enough GreedFall, check out our full review and our game page for plenty of guides and other news surrounding the RPG.

Which mods did we leave off that should have been included? Let us know in the comments!

Published Sep. 23rd 2019


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