The Sims 4 Dine Out game pack due for release June 7

Another Sims 4 game pack to add dining, cooking and restaurant design to your online lifestyle.

The newest Game Pack for Sims 4 is called Dine Out, and fans are licking their chops over the new features. For those who have $19.99 to spend on June 7, their Sims can experience luxurious restaurants and clumsy food servers.

The players with more get-up-and-go can design their own eateries and try their hand at running a business. Dine Out also offers customization of one’s own décor.

Another mostly happy customer!

The developers of the Sims franchise seem to get better at simulating real life with each update. This latest game pack includes the ability to create weird and exotic foods with a variety of (probably illegal and unsafe) ingredients, from volcano pasta to jungle moss eggs. 

Walking a fine line between avant-garde and just bizarre.

The weeks leading up to this release have allowed fans of the series to speculate and debate the pros and cons of this game pack on social media. It seems many people are sharpening their appetites and getting ready to dig into Dine Out on June 7.


Published Jun. 2nd 2016

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