GTAV Strippers Come with Game Mechanics... What?

Somehow I don't see this one going over well.

It's common knowledge that Rockstar Games like to push the envelope. From senseless murder, thievery and general crime oriented shenanigans, by this point there's honestly not much else they can do to push the envelope. I'm sure no one has forgotten about the um... minigame -cough- much less all of the controversy that came with it.

Rockstar Games is the bad boy of the industry, so of course GTAV is going to have the usual gang banging, cop chasing, heist-pulling off-the-wall violence we've come to expect... plus strippers. Yes, today we're talking about the strippers.

Nothing like relaxing after a hard day's work?

Because of course when you are sick and tired of being shot at, chased, and hounded by every cop in the city, you need a place to rest your weary soul.  If you can't find peace with some half naked chick dancing for you, does peace even exist?!

So about the strippers...

As seen in new leaked gameplay videos Grand Theft Auto V you will now have interactive strippers! Say what?! Yes, now you too will be able to flirt, touch and otherwise interact with the strippers!

But it's not all good in the club, as a bouncer will be on patrol and if you're caught touching any of the working girls, you’ll be booted straight out of the establishment. 

In addition to that, you can now tip the girls while they’re pole dancing with a dollar (if you really want to ball, you can now make it rain!). By doing so, you will be able to fill a “like” bar for each girl, and when it's full who's to say what kind of magic is going to happen?

Rockstar: We do whatever the eff we want!

Of course all jokes aside, this will probably not go over well with most. I'm pretty much braced for the general media outcry, but I guess it's been awhile since the last great industry controversy/accountability war so good to know Rockstar aims to pick up right where they left off. Then again, the developer has never really beat around the bush when it comes to their titles, their inspirations, or their goals. The real world isn't pretty, so why should their in game world be?

But then again I also heard it said best when I heard someone say that there is a difference between narration and exploitation, and I'll just leave it up to you guys to decide what this is.

So let's talk gamers. Are they going to the get the usual Rockstar pass because they're... well... Rockstar and we expect this kind of tomfoolery?


Published Jun. 17th 2020
  • Stephen Johnston
    The game depicts horrible, overblown, caricatures of poorly communicating, badly damaged, psychopaths and near-psychopaths in horrible (rarely actually happens to anyone) situations exhibiting really really horrible interpersonal relations. Naturally the male/femal relationships have more stark contrast by virtue of human genetics. I'm just not sure that GTA is the place to look for role models about *anything*.
  • Sheepzilla
    All 3 protagonists have a deep need for female relationships. Michael cheated on his wife, Amanda, once, and his wife continues to cheat on him, but yet Michael kind of worships her. It kinda reminds me of Walter White from breaking bad. His infatuation with the perfect family (my Michael is bald with black glasses and a beard, can't find The Hat) Then there is Franklin, who's relationship with Tonya so far is just from a few e-mails exchanged in the beginning of the game. Tonya is his Amanda. And then there is Trevor with his thing (no spoilers). So the narration would tell you that these men respect and worship the women in their lives. But everything else in the game tells you that 'women are urinals'- Radio Commercial. Unless, you can argue that it's not the women the 3 dudes love, it's the idea of family. Also. why hook up with strippers at their house, in cars, and have their numbers in your phone. Is the story telling you that because the wives aren't there, the men are forced to go to strip clubs? So yah misogyny is in the narration but so is family. So i guess they can co-exist in Los Santos.
  • Jamie K
    Featured Contributor
    Although I realize this will win me no friends, and probably a good amount of gawking, I don't like GTA. I understand that for some, it's just fun and games (cough); however, I'm not really interested in a game that encourages me to do all the very things I would feel ashamed of myself for doing IRL.

    That's not to say that I've never played a character that may have done something 'wrong'. Yet, for me personally there is a line in the sand, and GTA crosses it.

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