Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic Brings Back Original Decks

Reignite your fever for trading cards when Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic launches later this year.

One of the more surprising announcements made during today's Pokemon Presents stream was that of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic. As the name implies, this is a recreation of the classic decks that launched the Pokemon Trading Card Game over 20 years ago. While featuring different card backs to differentiate these versions, the only notable difference here is that a foldable two-player game board will be available to really set the stage for a Pokemon throwdown.

Details on the official Pokemon website reveal that these reprints will start from the "Base Set" and include three specially constructed sets based on Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise. Thankfully, that means you won't need to blow $200 for a foil Charizard just to be the talk of the town. Since these are recreations of the original iteration of TGC, you can mix and match your Pokemon and power-ups with any originals you may have laying around.

As for that neat little toolbox shown in the trailer, it will include stackable damage counters, 3D poison and burn markers to place on cards, and metal orbs to simulate Pokemon coins. There is even some contraption to determine dice rolls with a heads or tails slot based on where your orb lands. It's definitely a very convenient way to relive the glory days of TGC while introducing it to a new audience.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic will be available at local game stores and at the Pokemon Center in late 2023.

Featured image via The Pokemon Company.


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Published Feb. 27th 2023

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