Concept Art Reveals Cancelled Epic Mickey Racing Spin-Off

Remember the Epic Mickey games? Well, apparently, developer Junction Point had more plans for the series, including a racing game.

The Epic Mickey series may have been short-lived, with only three games under its belt. But before Disney changed its focus in the gaming market, there were plans for at least two more titles -- one of which was a racing spin-off.

Titled Epic Disney Racers, it would've most likely been a similar project to the Mario Kart series -- taking various Disney characters and putting them into a crazy kart racer. What's interesting, though, is that aside from several characters from the Epic Mickey games (such as Mickey, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and the Mad Doctor), it would've also featured many other characters from Disney's massive library, including Scrooge McDuck and Cruella De Vil.

Judging from the concept art, there might've been some sort of co-op element as well, as we can see Mickey and Oswald sharing a car. Not much is known outside of this art, so the project was most likely scrapped very early in production.

In other news, a third main entry was also planned at one point and would've instead focused on Disney's perpetually angry second fiddle, Donald Duck. Simply called Epic Donald, the game was going to take place in Duckburg from the DuckTales cartoon and would've featured many of Donald's own co-stars.

You can check out all of the released concept art for both games below.



Published Aug. 22nd 2016

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