Spiritfarer Celebrates Major Milestone with Free Lily Update

The first Spiritfarer update is live now, adding new story episodes for Stella and some additional improvements.

Grab your hankies, folks. The Spiritfarer Lily update is live now on all consoles and PC.

The Lily update is the first part of Spiritfarer's 2021 content roadmap and adds new depth to Stella's story. Its release coincides with Spiritfarer selling more than half a million copies.

Lily the Butterfly Guide joins the ranks of Stella's passengers. Their purpose is exploring Stella's past through a series of new episodes, and it's something fans have requested since the game first released in 2020.

Creative Director Nicolas Guérin said:

We wanted to keep the Lily Update small, to address the single most common feedback we’ve received from players since launch: fans want to know more about Stella and what, ultimately, her quest is about.

It’s the emotional core of the game, so we wanted to get it right; Lily offers a sweet and personal window onto who Stella is, and we hope the players like what we’ve done with this update.

The Lily update also fixes some bugs and improves co-op mode.

It's understandable why fans want to know more about Stella. The base game is very much about Stella continuing her role as caregiver and helping others. Now it's her turn to tell her story.


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Published Apr. 20th 2021

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