Full Mental Jacket: Something about duality

This is Full Mental Jacket! Come on, let me see that war face!

"Work on it."

Deception is everything for a mesmer, and he's got a few extra tricks illusions up his sleeve. Here, he's painted a pair of eyes onto his gloves to fool predators into thinking he's bigger than he really is!

Other tricks include the old "Scepter-Sword Switcheroo" where he fools opponents into thinking he's a bad mesmer. He never reveals which weapon does the fooling.

"This is my scepter. There are many others like it, but this one's mine."


Equipment: Svanir Masque, Archon Shoulders, Furnace Reward Light Coat, Vigil Gloves, Archon Leggings, Vigil Shoes, Lightning Catcher Back Skin (to garnish)

Dyes: Tea Shade, Rose Shade, Antique Gold and Ebony

"There's not one horse in this whole country, there's not one horse in Tyria. There's something basically wrong with that."


Published Aug. 13th 2013
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    You did an awesome job with this. Fellow mesmer, I salute you!
  • Noctis L Caelum
    Love the screenshots! That wave at the end looks so intimidating h-haha...

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