Prison Architect's Going Green Expansion Launches January 28

Prison Architect continues to grow, this time with a farming expansion.

Prison Architect is growing in more ways than one as the game's second expansion, titled Going Green, brings crops to the renowned management sim.

Prison Architect: Going Green will introduce a number of agriculture-related and eco-friendly features and options for players to tinker with in their prisons, from a new labor type to alternative power sources.

Prisoners or newly-implemented farm workers will be able to work the fields in Going Green, the produce from which can be used to make the prison almost self-sustaining, or it can be shipped out for additional income. Of course, with these new features come new contraband for prisoners to try to use to make trouble.

The new eco-friendly power options aren't just for show, either. Produce excess electricity with the new solar, wind, or hybrid power sources and you'll be able to export it for additional income as well.

Going Green is launching along with a free update titled The Glasshouse, which will add solar lights, recycling options, and some quality of life improvements to the object menu and the demolition tool. Going Green is the star of January 28 launch, but those that don't want to purchase the expansion can enjoy The Glasshouse and its improvements on the same day.

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Published Jan. 18th 2021

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