XCOM: Long War Modders introduce Terra Invicta and new studio

XCOM: Long War modders have ARRIVED! Announcing their own studio and strategy title. Things are about to heat up!

The team responsible for XCOM: Long Wars, the critically-acclaimed mod for Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unkown/Enemy Within titles, has recently formed a studio. It's rightfully called Long War Studios, paying homage to the massive success of their well-loved project, which was freely downloaded over 650,000 times in less than 3 years.

Following up behind their freshman effort is Terra Invicta. It's being called a "grand strategy game" in which the player fights for the very existence of the planet Earth during an alien invasion. It's their first standalone title, and is currenty in pre-Kickstarter developement.

In case you're not familiar with the game that inspired the mod, XCOM is a turn-based tactical experience, where you control "the best, of the best, of the best." These individuals make up a group of the most elite soldiers and scientists that Earth has to offer. From finances and troop operations to research and development, you call the shots -- the entire time keeping an ever watchful eye on our large brained adversaries. Take that alien tech and re-purpose it to even the odds and give us a fighting chance.

With Firaxis releasing XCOM 2 sometime in February of 2016, I'm excited to see what happens when they come face to face with the very hungry and formidable Long War Studios. Let the games begin!


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Published Jan. 7th 2016

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