Kingdom Hearts Series Rumored to be in Development at Disney

We might be getting a Kingdom Hearts TV series from Disney if early rumors are anything to go by.

Disney might have an animated Kingdom Hearts TV series in the works if chatter among Disney insiders is anything to go by. There aren't any concrete details yet, and there has been no official announcement from Disney, but the initial rumors — assuming they're true — suggest the series will be developed in conjunction with Square Enix.

Cinema Spot's Emre Kaya originally heard the news and planned on running an exclusive article about it, but other insiders became aware of the plans as well. Jeremy Conrad, founder of MCU Cosmic, said the rumors are true. Then, Skyler Shuler, editor-in-chief of The DisInsider, was tagged in Conrad's post; he responded by saying not only was Conrad's post true, but he had additional information.

So, the KH series will be a Disney+ series (no surprises there) and not a movie, and Disney voice actors are expected to reprise their roles. Kaya's original post mentions the enterprise is a joint project between Square Enix and Disney and that it came from a failed effort at making a live-action Kingdom Hearts movie.

What we don't know is whether this would be a new episode in the Kingdom Hearts universe or some kind of retelling of the games' (sometimes confusing) storyline. And it's important to keep in mind these are still just rumors so far, with nothing officially confirmed yet.

But with the Uncharted movie, plus The Last of Us series, and PlayStation Productions ramping up for more video game movie and TV adaptations, we'll probably be seeing a lot more of this in the not-so-distant future. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Kingdom Hearts TV series news as it develops.


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Published May. 28th 2020

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