Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, Exterminatus game mode review

Warhammer 40k Space Marine Review Survival game mode, Exterminatus.

I've had Warhammer 40k : Space Marine collecting digital dust in my backlog for more than a year now. Last time I picked it up, I played the campaign for about 3-4 hours and set it down. I found it fun, and worth what I paid for it.

Redemption found

I tried the multi player only briefly, and what I remembered of the multi player turned me off, seeming very Call of Duty-esque. It had a perks system, unlockable weapons, and the same general playstyle that I never found any enjoyment from.

However, there is a co-operative multi-player mode known as Exterminatus. In this game mode, you and up to three other Space Marines fight back increasingly larger and more difficult waves of Orks, thirsty for your blood. I wound up having a blast, unlocking all kinds of crazy weapons and abilities. From Jet packs and plasma guns, to chainswords and stun grenades.

Culling the Ork Hordes

Exterminatus differs from most survival modes by giving you extra little challenges, and a "lives" system. As you progress through the various waves, it will randomly throw a new objective in. Anything from defending/capturing a point, getting x amount of headshots, melee kills, or kill streaks. These reward you with points, which fill a meter to give you extra lives to respawn with.

I played quite a few round with a couple of friends, and we managed to make it through roughly twelve or thirteen waves before finally being overrun by the massive quantities of enemies. I've had some of the most fun in a multi player game with Space Marine, and I look forward to returning to the fight with my battle brothers, crushing the orks.


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Published Jan. 23rd 2013

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