Get Into Shape and Save the World with Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventure is Nintendo's latest foray into the fitness field, offering a full-blown adventure and mini-games to help ease exercise into your daily routine.

Nintendo lifted the lid on its latest project that combines quality of life with video games: Ring Fit Adventure, a new interactive game for Nintendo Switch.

It's set for an October 18 release, and it will be $79.99. The package includes the strap, ring, and the game.

Last week, Nintendo teased the game with a trailer showing people using their Joy-Cons in a variety of new ways thanks to a ring accessory and a leg strap. As many expected, and as the trailer made fairly plain, these two devices are the core of the new fitness package.

The ring — officially called the Ring-Con —  senses upper body movement and translates it into in-game action, while the strap, which doesn't get a fancy name, does the same for the lower body.

But Ring Fit Adventure isn't just a Wii Fit reboot. It's a full-blown adventure game with light RPG elements, designed to incorporate light exercise into players' daily routines without going overboard.

The game takes place in an expansive world that's fallen under the tyranny of a bodybuilding dragon called Dragaux (because of course). The player's task is to venture through the game's numerous levels and take on Dragaux's minions before finally facing off against the dragon itself.

Because the idea is to actually move around in real life, players have to jog to run in the game and use the Ring-Con to clear obstacles. Battles are turn-based, where players perform 40 different kinds of Fit Skills to attack enemies and defend themselves.

Fit skills are divided into color categories based on muscle areas — arms, core, and legs — but the fourth, green category is based on yoga movements. Different skill types have greater effect on enemies of the same color, so expect to be doing a lot of moving around during combat.

Outside of the main adventure mode, which Nintendo says is a lengthy one, Ring Fit Adventure also offers a quick play mode. Quick play lets players choose single activities and mini-games they want to engage in or sets of related activities, and they can compete against others as well.

At the end of each activity, the game provides an estimate of how many calories the player burned.

Because Ring Fit Adventure is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, the Ring-Con's sensitivity can be calibrated based on the user's abilities. There's also Silent Mode, which adjusts the level of activity required for those who can't make a lot of noise, like apartment dwellers.

Ring Fit Adventure will require detached Joy-Cons, so it's not something that can be played natively on Nintendo Switch Lite. It's another game that would require an extra set of Joy-Con, though we're currently waiting to hear back from Nintendo about whether Ring Fit Adventure can be played without a TV at all.


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Published Sep. 12th 2019

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