Blizzard Desktop App Beta for World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Starcraft II

New Desktop App now in Beta Stage

Well this avid WoW player has been offered a chance to take part in the new Desktop App Beta for Blizzard.

The new launch pad for you to play World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Starcraft II is going to be all in one place, with links to the store for new items (such as the Blossoming Ancient companion pet) as well as patch notes (Currently 5.4 PTR).

At the moment the beta app replaces the old account screen, giving you the chance to view all three of Blizzard’s online games in one place, keeping you logged in under your username. You also have the choice to sign into the Public Test Realms or the actual game, keeping it simple for those of us who often forget how to get onto the PTR.

 There is also a page giving you the latest Blizzard news for all three games as well as Hearthstone. It seems like Blizzard are moving in the right direction in order to highlight some of the other games they offer. While I’m not one to log onto Diablo often (even though I got it free for signing up to the annual pass) it certainly makes it easier than me trying to hunt it down on my task bar.

 The new beta gives you the option to send feedback to Blizzard as well, and of course report any issues you may have. So if you have been sent an email inviting you to the beta get on there and lets make this App what we need it to be. 

For more information visit the Blizzard FAQ page here. 

Published Jul. 14th 2013
  • Shady_Dan
    Featured Contributor
    Wish I got invited to the Beta... Ah well, enjoy it :)
  • Jeni Harrison
    It seems to be a good idea that keeps everything in one tidy place, hopefully it will be available to everyone soon.

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