Gigantic Showcases Tyto The Swift

As the long awaited Gigantic gets closer to its release, it is time to look at the spotlight for Tyto, the Melee Assassin.

Gigantic, an upcoming game made by Motiga, is a third person MOBA game coming to PC and Xbox One later this year. When it was announced last year, people had mixed feelings over the game. While the art style looked beautiful, some said the game felt as if it would be just another MOBA that gets released every week.

But since the year and a half, a lot of opinions have changed over whether or not the game would just be another knockoff. The YouTube page had released a few teasers titled Hero Spotlights, which showcased the characters, their abilities and what they are capable of during the matches you play.

On November 3rd, the teaser clip Gigantic: Hero Spotlight - Tyto The Swift, was uploaded to Gigantics YouTube page, sparking interest for the new hero, Tyto, a Melee Assassin. During the teaser, you get to see Tyto’s abilities and combat, while also showing off the character design and swiftness the character provides.

Tyto is as swift as Melee characters get in Gigantic, from what we have seen so far, and seems like a character who could really do some damage if necessary. From attacks like Talon, Swoop, and using his companion Fang to attack enemies from a distance, Tyto seems to be what players wanted from Genji, from Overwatch.

While there is no release date for Gigantic, we can assume that the release will be before Holidays, 2016, and it will be released for PC and Xbox One.

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Published Nov. 6th 2016

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