League of Legends College Championship Overview

A brief look at the journey of the Top 8 North American teams on the collegiate level e-sports scene.

With the League of Legends 2017 College Championship having just wrapped up, it's time to take a look at the journey that eight schools went through for a shot at the title of League of Legends College Champions.  

After six weeks of regional competition, 10 teams were selected and began preparing for the Campus Series. Texas A&M (South), University of Toronto (East), Simon Fraser University (West), and Maryville University (North) were victorious during the Campus Series, while the University of Maryland came out on top of the Big Ten Network Championship. With five teams locked in to participate in the College Championships, the runners-up for each region were given another opportunity at the Championship in the Wildcard Tournament. 

The Wildcard Tournament set the five runners-up against each other, allowing three more teams a chance to earn a spot in the Championship tournament. A round robin style first round eliminated one team from the running, leaving only four more teams competing for the final slots.

The remaining four teams were matched and locked horns in round two, with the two winners guaranteed a spot in the Championship. Finally, the runners-up for round two faced off to get the last coveted slot in the Championship Tournament. The Wildcard tournament saw Carnegie Mellon (East), Robert Morris (North), and University of British Columbia (West) moving on. 

Once the competitors had been locked in, the only thing left is the Championship. The eight teams were randomly matched against each other and began their fight for college e-sports supremacy. The quarterfinals passed with an impressive domination from Carnegie Mellon, who ended their quarterfinals without any losses.

Moving on, the semi-finals saw a clean 3-0 sweep from Maryville, setting them up to play in the finals against Toronto. As the finals came to a close, Maryville was able to wrap up their final game with a pentakill from their jungler, Cody "Walrus" Altman. Maryville University's win marks the first time an American college team has won the ULoL series, and the community now hopes this victory will spark an even larger growth in e-sports.


Published May. 31st 2017

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