Valve Will Reveal Info About The Steam Box Next Week

Love Steam? Then you'll love the Steam Box!

Valve has a very good digital distribution platform (and a very loyal consumer base) with Steam, and the company is looking to expand that by adding in an option for those who aren't as excited about PC gaming. The Steam Box will allow Valve to hopefully reach the consumers who prefer console gaming, even if the Steam box is not completely a console. 

Whats happening next week

Gabe Newell said at LinuxCon that the open source operating system, which runs the Steam Box, is "the future of gaming." 

Next week there will be more information about the hardware opportunities for bringing Linux into the living room. The Steam Box does not have a set date for release and it probably won't come out for a while. It might not even be called the Steam Box, but keep your eye out for it, and for the upcoming announcement!


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Published Sep. 17th 2013
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    You'll have to keep me updated, CaptainBaams! I want to know all about the Steam Box as info comes out. :) I'm definitely planning on getting this whenever I can and whenever it's available.

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