They Call Me a Space Cowboy - First Gameplay of Mass Effect Andromeda

First gameplay shown for Mass Effect Andromeda also serves as a 4K tech video.

Recently, BioWare released their first gameplay trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. The video was shown during the Sony's September PlayStation meeting. The video also served to be a 4K resolution tech demo for the PlayStation Pro.

Mass Effect Andromeda was originally announced in 2015. The game takes place many years after the originally trilogy within the Andromeda Galaxy. The game will star Ryder; an operative on an adventure to find a new habitable planet for humans.

In the video, we see the protagonist exploring what appears to be a quiet space station. We also see use of the new scanning feature that provides details on flora and fauna -- The trailer ends as characters make a revelation regarding the current planet and others within the galaxy.

A new trailer for the title was also announced for November 7.

Fans of action adventure and space games can look forward to Mass Effect: Andromeda in Early 2017.


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Published Sep. 8th 2016

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