5 Heroes We Wanted in Heroes of the Storm Yesterday

3. Reinhardt

Reinhardt stands as one of the most likable members of the Overwatch cast and an equally good candidate as a Warrior in Heroes of the Storm

Based on his kit alone, Reinhardt seems like he would be a perfect fit within any Heroes of the Storm team composition. His wide-reaching hammer can devastate clumps of minions and heroes alike, and his shield would be an entirely unique ability in the MOBA. His defensive and offensive abilities would allow him to protect his allies against an onslaught of projectiles before he dives hammer-first into the enemy team.

Although Reinhardt's dash at first seems similar to Diablo's existing Shadow Charge, Reinhardt's boosters would give an interesting effect to how he would join a fight. Rather than target a hero directly, Reinhardt would be able to adjust who his target is on the fly as he barrels toward the enemy. Out of all the characters in Overwatch, Reinhardt is the most desired character to join the fight -- and it isn't hard to see why. 

Published Jun. 13th 2017

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