The most disappointing games ever to be cancelled

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Silent Hills (PS4 - Cancelled 2015)

Ooooohhh, this wound is still fresh. Silent Hills is the horror baby of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro that never will see the light of day. The game was announced at E3 2014 and cancelled less than a year later. Silent Hills was revealed through an ingenious demo, called P.T., which was labelled as a demo for a random new horror game, it wasn't until people finished the demo that it was revealed to be a Silent Hill reboot.

The infamous demo sent the internet into a frenzy, due to its truly unique puzzles and being incredibly terrifying. The demo ended with the shot above, which revealed Kojima and Del Toro were behind the game, and Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) was starring in it. Needless to say, the Silent Hill series had never been more popular. Then it all came crashing down.

Hideo Kojima had a rather public falling out with Konami, publisher of Silent Hills, and the game was subsequently cancelled. Konami has went into a bit of tailspin since then and the companies dedication to console gaming is understandably in question. The gamers suffered most from the falling out, as we lost one of the most intriguing and exciting horror games in years. Rumors were rampant before E3 that Microsoft had purchased the IP and intended to keep the game alive but they proved to be false.

The only good thing to be taken away from all of this, is that a new game, titled Allison Road, is being made and is very clearly inspired by Silent Hills. If we never get the game we were teased, hopefully Allison Road can fill the void.

Published Jul. 5th 2015

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