Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Sequel Being Pitched by Sam Barlow

The writer and designer behind Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is interested in making a sequel.

Silent Hill is just one of Konami's franchises that needs to make a comeback. Don't get us started on Castlevania or Contra (because Rogue Corps doesn't really count). But if Sam Barlow has anything to say about it, a sequel to 2009's Silent Hill: Shattered Memories could get the green light.

According to Barlow, who wrote Shattered Memories and acted as the game's lead designer, he's in the process of pitching a sequel to the game. Any other details about the potential project are non-existent at this point. 

Barlow spilled the beans on Twitter after being asked about Shattered Memories in a recent interview. 

Another tweet from Barlow confirms that he is still working on Project A, which was enigmatically teased earlier this year on Her Story's fifth anniversary. Project A is currently in development, but it is not related to his work on the Shattered Memories sequel pitch. 

There have been several Silent Hill rumors making the rounds in 2020 surrounding a reboot of some kind, including rumblings that two Silent Hill games are currently in the works. In March, tweets referring to Pyramid Head from designer Masahiro Ito stoked the flames,  and in May, notable leaker Dusk Golem said that a reboot would be exclusive to the PS5

It's still unknown if those rumors are true, or if Barlow's pitch for a Shattered Memories sequel is one of the two supposed projects. It's also unknown if the pitch is anything more than that or how far along the process currently is. 

Ultimately, it's hard to tell with Konami. They did cancel P.T., after all, a game that was to be a new entry in the franchise from Metal Gear Solid designer Hideo Kojima. 

Fans have certainly been begging for more Silent Hill since 2012, with various entries in the series making remake lists far and wide. Perhaps we'll soon learn if the rumors are true — and if Barlow's pitch turns into an actual project. Stay tuned for more. 

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Published Oct. 8th 2020

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