Server merges after only 6 months, the Blade and Soul community reacts

The Blade & Soul server merges are met with mixed reactions. Are the merges a good sign?

A little over half a year after its official North American launch, NCSOFT’s fantasy martial-arts MMO, Blade and Soul, has completed a server merger. When server merges occur, it typically is used as a way to condense the player base so that each realm seems populated, balanced, and alive. The increase in players per realm allows for community growth and a better overall experience for players.

I say typically, because that is not necessarily the case here. Players on the official Blade and Soul forums as well as on Reddit have mentioned that these merges have led to a very unpleasant gaming experience. Either the merger has led to an even more unbalanced faction system, or in the cases where the merger has correctly balanced out the factions, has led to an almost unplayable daily grind.

In a game that allows for faction switching in-game, players have begun to realize that in order to complete daily quests and objectives at max level they must join the dominant faction to finish the quests. The current world PvP system does not offer any rewards for the players, so they are avoiding it altogether by joining the opposing faction. If they are not joining them, they are admitting defeat and simply not completing those tasks.

On the other hand, many players have voiced that they are happy with the more populated servers, and world combat. Players have commented that factions are now balanced, which has sparked dynamic and fun conflicts.

Overall, server merges typically lead to a better experience for players who have stuck with a game past the initial launch’s “honeymoon phase”. That being said, a game that is forced to merge servers 6 months after launch may not be the best of signs.


Published Jul. 18th 2016
  • BuzzIrk
    Another game suffers from the cutbacks of its publisher. It started off great then people dropped off like flies. Too many bots, too many hacks (arena), too little support. (I'm thinking of a group that held their own PvP tournaments but they couldn't even get NC to implement a spectator function on the arena or fix the ping, etc., so they gave up and left.) Though the worst thing they did was remove the green difficulty dungeons from the cross server dungeon matching. They are pretty easy in a party, but really difficult to impossible solo. Without cross server matching it's pretty much impossible to find a party of people at the entrance standing around waiting for a party. This kills the new player experience.
  • Ashley Shankle
    Associate Editor
    This is what the part of the playerbase who played any of the Asian versions warned new players of: they would not be able to do endgame PvE or dailies well or even often on low pop servers. That's why the queues for some servers were so high at release and why I refused to move to one of the easier to log into servers at that time. If you want to stick with B&S long term, you need to be on a big, bustling server. Full stop.

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