Official PS4 Media Remote Launching in October

Performance Designed Products (PDP) will be retailing an official PS4 remote control that can control up to four devices, running through Bluetooth technology.

A company called Performance Designed Products who makes video game accessories is retailing an official PlayStation 4 remote that can control up to four devices. It's set to release officially on October 15th according to online retailers GameStop and Amazon

Special Features

One of the biggest features about this PlayStation 4 remote is that it can control up to four devices, so you can ideally set up your TV, cable box, and any audio receivers you use. It runs wirelessly via Bluetooth, and has specific buttons that reflect actions on your console without needing the DualShock 4. Running off of two AAA batteries, it has a life expectancy on new batteries at roughly six months. 

It's unsure if Sony will patent a remote control of their own for the PlayStation 4 as they did for the PlayStation 3. Gamers are lucky enough to have PDP producing this official product for a small price of $30, which I find to be very reasonable for a PS4 accessory. 

Will anyone in the GameSkinny community be purchasing this accessory?

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Published Jul. 21st 2015

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