Touring Destiny's New Social Space: Felwinter Peak

Wolves, snow, mysteries, and new adventures await Guardians atop Felwinter Peak. Set foot in Destiny's new social space.

Last week Game Informer dropped a ton of knowledge about the upcoming release of Destiny: Rise of Iron. This week Bungie and Game Informer took a more in-depth look at the new social space, Felwinter Peak, in a brief video they released yesterday, August 8th.

Felwinter Peak is a new area that players will travel to in the upcoming DLC. However, Guardians will first need to take it back from enemy Fallen before they are able to set up camp. Afterwards the area will feature new vendors, quests, and other Tower essentials -- including a new Cryptarch for decrypting your newly found Engrams, access to bounties, and access to your Vault space. This new area will also host the monthly Iron Banner event, which is fitting, seeing as the area is a monument to the Iron Lords themselves.

Bungie really wanted to embrace the imagery from the Iron Banner with Felwinter Peak. The wolves and trees found on the Iron Banner flags, weapons, and armor, decorate the halls and quarters of the Peak. You can even find a space at the peak (shown above) with 2 opposing wolf statues, a fire between them, and a tree in the background, creating the very sigil behind Lord Saladin during the current Iron Banners.

Did I mention that there would also be living wolves roaming the social space for you and your friends to hang out with? Yep -- it's another addition to help create the feeling of a living, breathing, social space.

On top of all that, Game Director Chris Barrett mentions that he's looking forward to the songs players will create with the bells in the area that you can interact with. To which Executive Producer Scott Taylor says:

"Well if you hit them in a certain order something might happen. I don't know." 

The obvious hint there being that something probably will happen, but we'll just have to wait until September 20th when Destiny: Rise of Iron releases to find out exactly what that is.


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Published Aug. 10th 2016

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