MLB The Show 16 release date, cover athlete and gameplay details announced

Opening day for Sony's exclusive MLB franchise is March 29, 2016

Among the many exciting games shown off at the PlayStation Experience, MLB The Show 16 probably doesn't rank near the top for most gamers. However, for fans of hardcore Sports sims, the game is always a welcome sight. MLB The Show 16 will launch simultaneously on PS4 and PS3 starting on March 29, 2016 with Toronto All-Star Third baseman, Josh Donaldson taking the honors as the game's cover athlete.

The developers also made a post on the PlayStation Blog, detailing one of the biggest additions to the game, the ShowTime mechanic. ShowTime lets players slow down the action during critical moments in the game to allow them a better chance to make a big play. ShowTime will primarily affect play at Third Base, diving attempts at balls in the outfield, and when taking at-bats. 

The post also announced that pre-orders for the game are now being taken. There are three unique editions available, depending on how much you want to spend. They are as follows.

  • Standard Edition - $59.99
  • MVP Edition - $69.99 ($89.99 in Canada) - includes Limited Edition Steel Book and Packaging ($5.00 Value), 5,000 Stubs ($5.00 value), 1 Sponsor Pack ($5.00 value), 10 Standard Packs ($10.00 total value), 31 PS4 MLB Themed Avatars ($31.00 total value), 1 Opening Day Pack ($25.00 value)
  • Digital Deluxe Edition - $99.99 ($119.99 in Canada) - includes 11,000 Stubs ($10.00 value), 1 Sponsor Pack ($5.00 value), 20 Standard Packs ($20.00 total value), 31 PS4 MLB Themed Avatars ($31.00 total value), 3 Opening Day Packs ($75.00 value)

Quick Take: As someone who has spent more hours than they can count with MLB 15 The Show, the ShowTime mechanic really stands out to me the most. The hot corner (that's Third Base for those of you who aren't Baseball savvy) was a trouble spot in last year's game, particularly in regards to timing.

I played mostly as the Tampa Bay Rays, who roll out Evan Longoria at Third Base everyday, and he's no slouch with the glove. When balls were hit hard down the foul line, diving attempts always felt like they were a fraction of a second off, and this was a common complaint among reviewers and players that never seemed to get fixed. ShowTime looks like SCEA's answer to this problem, though in my opinion, it kind of takes away from the simulation aspect that the series has always strived for.



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Published Dec. 6th 2015

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