Final Fantasy 7 re-imagined as a 2D side-scroller

can't wait for the FF7 remake? The kind folks at PD Design Studio have you covered.

Final Fantasy 7 is a retro enough title, with its sweetly-antiquated turn-based combat system and pixelated characters on the huge world map, but what if you could pump that retro quality?

With the highly anticipated Remake on its way, a group of Final Fantasy 7 fans at Singapore-based PD Design Studio has created their own remake of Final Fantasy 7, a labor of love which they have titled Final Fantasy 7: Re-Imagined. Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 HD remake is intended for current-gen consoles, this Final Fantasy 7 remake takes inspiration from Double Dragon and other 2D beat-em-ups for a highly nostalgic brawler throwback. The makers of Final Fantasy 7: Re-Imagined have even came up with ways to add more Final Fantasy 7 elements like Materia and Guardian Forces.

You can check out Final Fantasy 7: Re-Imagined at the group’s website here, where they even have a playable demo up.

Final Fantasy 7: Re-Imagined will let you play as either Cloud or Tifa, with Barrett accessible as fire support via the charging blue bar. Midgar’s gritty blues, greens and grays make for a beautiful backdrop. The game will also be playable via local co-op if a controller is around that can be plugged into your PC.

The non-profit project will be released for free when completed.

are you excited for the Re-Imagining? How about the Remake? More importantly what's your favorite Final Fantasy that they need to remake? let us know in the comments!


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Published Jan. 7th 2016

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