Brutal Legend Limited Edition Coming to Indie Box

Indie Box subscription service features Double Fine classic in retro style box.

Indie Box announced today that their newest box will feature a Limited Edition PC version of Double Fine's heavy metal adventure game Brutal Legend. 

What is Indie Box? 

Indie Box is a physical subscription service (think LootCrate) which ships limited edition boxed versions of indie games monthly. They're a relatively new service, and last month shipped out a secret mystery box -- Vlambeer's Luftrausers. A boxed version of that game is still available through the Indie Box website.

What goes into an Indie Box? These boxes are "retro style" game boxes with game specific artwork, a DRM free copy of the game (the Luftrausers bundle came with a special USB device that featured the game rather than a CD), full color manuals, soundtracks, posters and other collectible items. 

This month's box, which you can subscribe to for the monthly rate ($14.99 + $3 shipping and handling) until October 22 features Brutal Legend, a game about a hard working heavy-metal roadie (played by Jack Black) who gets transported to a metal-lovers paradise, populated by rock icons like Ozzy Osbourne. 

For more information, check out the Indie Box website

Published Oct. 13th 2014

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