Level-5 To Bring Ushiro to Nintendo Switch

The canceled PSP horror RPG comes back from the dead.

The preview for a new issue of Famitsu has teased that a horror RPG known as Ushiro, which was originally planned to launch on the PlayStation Portable and first announced in 2008 before it was canceled, will now be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Ushiro was originally planned to be a cross-media project, and despite the game's cancellation, it still received both light novel and manga adaptations.

A trailer for the PSP version of the game was first shown at Tokyo Game Show 2008 and can be found on YouTube. It shows some of the purported gameplay, although it is unknown how different the Nintendo Switch version will be.

More information about the formerly canceled title has not yet been revealed, but it will be available when the full issue of Famitsu is released.

In addition to more information on Ushiro, this upcoming issue of Famitsu is set to have a 40-page feature for the 20th anniversary of Level-5, which will include an interview with Level-5 president Akihiro Hino.

Ushiro will come to Nintendo Switch sometime in the near future. Keep an eye to GameSkinny for any updates on the returning title and the release of this new issue of Famitsu.



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Published Oct. 23rd 2018

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