5 funny moments of the Star Wars battlefront Beta

A lot of funny stuff happened during the Star Wars battlefront Beta. Here is a list of what I found to be the funniest.

So the Battlefront beta has come and gone and was the biggest beta EA has done, with over nine million people playing it. With so many people playing the beta, tons of videos have been posted across social media sites and YouTube showing off the game. But with so many videos being uploaded, lots of funny stuff has been found. These could be random glitches or unique ways players have found to take down the enemy. So I have looked through these videos and found five of the funniest things that happened during the beta. 

1. Vader killed by random Rebel

To start off the list, we have a rebel taking down Darth Vader. But how did he do it? Was he shooting him from afar with one of the many turrets on the battlefield? Was Vader being attacked by half of the enemy team? Well, no. Vader was killed by a simple melee attack from a random rebel. You think it would take a lot more than that to kill a Sith lord

2. Double kill by X-Wing explosion

Next up we have a double kill from a X-Wing pilot who was able to kill an AT-ST and Vader at the same time. How did he do it? By driving straight into them, of course. From watching the video, I can't really tell if the player meant to ram into them or he just simply forgot to pull up in time

3. Vader killed by a colliding A-Wing

Vader is really having a hard time in this game. Once again, Vader makes this list. This time around, an A-Wing decided to drop by and ruin the Sith Lord's day by flying straight into him. The force may be strong, but not strong enough to stop a fighter travelling at terminal velocity.

4. AT-AT stomps Luke

For once, Vader isn't being killed here. Yes, not even Luke Skywalker can escape these funny moments. What has to be horrible timing on the player's behalf, Luke gets crushed by an AT-AT Walker as he is pursing a lone Snow Trooper. 

5. Stormtroopers still can't hit anything

At last, but certainly not least, we have the answer to the question everyone has been waiting for. Can the Stormtroopers in the new Battlefront actually hit their target? The answer is no, no they cannot. At one stage, there is a trooper about six feet away from the Rebel and still can't land a shot on target. 

From going through these videos, I cant wait for Star Wars Battlefront to be released so I can see what creative and funny ways players can take down other players. And whether or not the Stormtroopers can actually hit their target when the difficulty setting is set higher. 


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Published Oct. 17th 2015
  • Fransulo
    Ha, ha. Vader got owned in clip 3. Sith Lord my arse.

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