Hitman GO coming to PS4 and Vita

Square Enix's popular mobile title gets a port to PlayStation platforms.

During the PlayStation Experience keynote on Saturday, Gio Corsi confirmed that the popular mobile game Hitman GO will be coming to the PS Vita and the PlayStation 4. 

Published by Square Enix, Hitman GO is a puzzle/virtual board game which released on mobile platforms back in 2014. Though the $4.99 game was mostly well receivedHitman GO was also criticized for its use of microtransactions. According to Square Enix, these in-game purchases will be removed for its release on PlayStation platforms.


Following the licensed game's success, developer Square Enix Montreal went on to create Lara Croft GO, a Tomb Raider game featuring similar mechanics to those of its predecessor. After launching on mobile platforms in August, Lara Croft GO received mostly positive reviews, with many critics calling it the best mobile game of the year.

Prior to the mobile port announcement, Square Enix also revealed new combat footage of Final Fantasy VII Remake at Saturday's PSX conference. For more PSX coverage all weekend long, keep an eye on GameSkinny.



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Published Dec. 11th 2015

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