61 song Splatoon soundtrack continues Nintendo trend of game album releases

Nintendo continues to expand its media library. From publisher KADOKAWA comes a 2-disc luxury set of Splatoon for release in October, 2015.

Splatune is the official name of the 61-track original Splatoon album, announced in Weekly Famitsu.

In a similar vein to the 2-disc Super Smash Bros. album, Splatune continues Nintendo's trend of releasing full OST albums of their original titles.

From publisher KADOKAWA, comes the main theme "Splattack!" along with 36 more music tracks, 14 sound effects-based tracks, and 10 single tracks. For 3,200 yen ($26.69) plus tax, Splatune will be officially released October 21st, 2015.










Fans can expect it to include music from the latest updates, some of which has already had bits uploaded to Nintendo's official YouTube channel.

Currently confirmed tracks include:

  • Nawabaribatoru theme
  • Hero mode theme
  • Ink sound effects
  • Girl and Boy Inkling shout effects
  • Splattack! (E3 version) song
  • The bands "Squid Squad" and "Shiokarazu"
  • Yet-unreleased songs

The two-disc set will be accompanied by a booklet of music lyrics, staff comments, and developer notes.

With talk (and walk!) of Nintendo expanding into other entertainment sectors like theme parks and movies, there's little doubt that they will be releasing more albums for other major games. The current Splatune disc art is in English, meaning we shouldn't worry too much about a Japan-exclusive release.

Hopefully, Nintendo will release more information soon about pre-orders and, if following in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U's footsteps, will include details about discounts or exclusive offers for Splatoon owners.

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Published Aug. 26th 2015

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