Little King's Story Releases on PC

HD remaster of Little King's Story releases on PC via Steam,, and Humble Bundle.

Little King's Story, a Wii classic published by XSEED Games, is now available on PC. Originally released in 2009, Little King's Story is the adventure of Corobo, a young boy who stumbles upon a magical crown.

Newly crowned King of Alpoko, a run down kingdom in which he lives, he strives to expand it past the borders of his village. With the crown allowing him to order people, he can task townspeople to do a multitude of things, such as hunt treasure, construct bridges, or fight Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMA).Combining simulation, RPG and strategy, the player is in charge of governing Corobo's growing kingdom.

The PC release is an HD remaster with additional controller support via Steam's specifications. Along with the graphical upgrade, new royal achievements have been added. Steam Trading Cards reward badges, backgrounds and chat emojis. Available through Steam,, and Humble Bundle at various prices, Little King's Story is ready to delight a new audience of players, as well as rekindle the magic for previous players.


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Published Aug. 9th 2016

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