Darkstalkers Resurrection Comes Out Tomorrow! Launch Trailer is a Go!

Come on, tomorrow. I need my dose of Hsein-ko, stat!

I could not be more excited for Darkstalkers Resurrection if I tried, and it's so close! Though not technically a new game, the new features added to this compilation are more than enough to make the most seasoned Darkstalkers player salivate. By George, my mouth is a waterfall at this point.

Most of Darkstalkers Ressurection's new features to the series have to do with online play. Spectator mode, replay uploads, and online tournament capabilities are all stuffed into the title. I just can't wait these last three days.

The North American and European releases will only be available via the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. The Japanese market gets a true boxed release, which is rumored to have a dual language option -- we'll find out more on that when I get my boxed copy.

We all know Yoshinori Ono has an interest in working on the series again, and last year's rumors that they were working on Darkstalkers 4 on the Street Fighter IV engine only fueled the fans' craving for more of the series.

Showing our support for DS4 by picking up Darkstalkers Resurrection is the best we can do. That, and play the hell out of it. So get to it when the game is released tomorrow!

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Published Mar. 11th 2013

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