Agents Of Mayhem Complete Character Guide

You may only start with three Agents Of Mayhem, but it won't take long to unlock a total of 14 characters who all want to unleash a hail of gunfire and explosions!

Shifting away from the main Saints Row series, the re-imagined alternate universe in Agents Of Mayhem lets you unleash destruction with a whole new cast of characters (and one returning fan favorite).

As of launch, there are 14 possible characters to swap out in your squad, with two currently only available for those who pre-ordered. Below we cover each and every character, how they are unlocked, and what devastating upgrades you can use!

Just getting started with the game and need to know how to use the three base characters? Check out our Agents Of Mayhem starter guide instead.

Starting Agents Of Mayhem Characters


Squad: Franchise Force

How To Unlock: Automatically available 


  • B.A.M.F. (Faster Reload Speed)
  • Intimidator (Increased Melee Damage Defense)
  • Fast Healer (Increased Health from Pickups)
  • Prime Specimen (Increased Health Regen)

Core Upgrades:

  • Earthmover (Gain Fortify during Dash)
  • Megamine (Deploy mines more frequently while using Mayhem Ability) 
  • Rank-Cranker (Deal increased damage to Legion Commanders)



200px-hollywood-57135.pngSquad: Franchise Force

To Unlock: Automatically available 


  • Action Hero (Increased Mayhem Ability Duration)
  • Coverboy (Increased Magazine Size)
  • New Age Guru (Increased Special Ability Refresh)
  • Team Player (Bonus Mayhem)

Core Upgrades:

  • Delayed Reaction (Dash drops a grenade)
  • Macaroni Western (Bonus critical damage when firing from the hip)
  • 'Merica (When using Mayhem Ability gain infinite ammo, faster fire rate, and additional explosions)



Squad: Franchise Force

To Unlock: Automatically available 


  • Boatswain (Increased Shield Reboot)
  • Master Gunner (Increased Overheat Recovery)
  • Scallywag (Increased Special Ability Refresh)
  • Treasure Hunter (Increased Bonus Cash Rewards)

Core Upgrades:

  • Fire At Will (Stuns targets more often during combat)
  • Full Sail (Weapons are Overcharged while using Mayhem Ability)
  • Grape Shot (50% chance to stun 3 enemies with each attack)

Pre-Order Agents Of Mayhem Characters


Squad: Police

To Unlock:  Play Operation Good Cop, Bot Cop after completing Operation Raging Arrow 


  • Shoot First (Bonus Reload Speed)
  • Death On Arrival (Bonus Crit Damage)
  • Fighting Mad (Bonus Health Threshold On Cheating Death Activation)
  • Countermeasures (Bonus Weapon Damage)

Core Upgrades

  • Above The Law (Melee kills grant Fortify)
  • Extreme Justice (Special Ability grants Empower)
  • Rapid Fire (Increased rate of fire while using Mayhem Ability) 



Squad: Unique character

To Unlock: Play Operation Lazarus after completing Operation Raging Arrow

Upgrades: Unknown... for now

Core Upgrades: Unknown... for now




Unlockable Agents Of Mayhem Characters 


Squad: Carnage a Trois

To Unlock: Play Operation Let's Go after you complete Operation Raging Arrow


  • Born To Kill (Increased Fine Aim Damage)
  • Bullet Sponge (Increased Max Health Regen)
  • Hellraiser (Increased Mayhem Ability Power)
  • Natural Leader (Earn Bonus Experience) 

Core Upgrades:

  • Apocalypse Now (Mayhem Ability calls down Mega Lasers)
  • Rough And Ready (Arriving Agent gets 1 stack  of Fortify and Empower for the next 7 seconds after swapping Braddock)
  • Strong Hearted (Gain Fortify if Braddock is within 10 meters of multiple enemies)

200px-daisy-4883c.pngSquad: Carnage a Trois

To Unlock: After completing Operation Heavy Sent, play Operation The Morning After 


  • Derby Doll (Increased Mayhem Ability Duration)
  • Firebrand (Weapon Spin Up Reduction)
  • Lead Jammer (Increased Max Health)
  • Snowplow (Increased Special Ability Damage)

Core Upgrades:

  • Body Cleanse (Lose all debuffs when using Daisy's Special Ability)
  • Rough Rider (Gain Health for every enemy killed while using Mayhem Ability)
  • Standing Tall (Gain Fortify during Fine Aim)

Squad: Bombshells

To Unlock: Play Operation Technologia after you you kill the first Lieutenant

Upgrades: Unknown... for now!

Core Upgrades:

  • Megaturret (Mayhem Turret inflicts Vulnerable and Slow on enemies as well as dealing damage over time)
  • Proper Protection (Turrent gains a shield against damage)
  • Remote Deployment (Deploy the Turret at a greater range)

kingpin-311af.pngSquad: Firing Squad

To Unlock: Play Operation Royal Pain after you unlock Rama


  • Specializer (Increased Special Ability Power)
  • Opportunities (Increased Damage To Debuffed Enemies)
  • Bulletproof (Increased Shield Reboot)
  • Showboat (Increased Special Ability Refresh)

Core Upgrades

  • Pain Reflex (When his health drops below 75%, 50%, and 25%, Special Ability becomes available immediately)
  • Rough 'Em Up (When Kingpin gets a melee kill, he automatically gains the buff from his equipped Special Ability)
  • Banger (Mayhem Ability ends in an explosion that inflicts damage on all enemies that were already dancing)

200px-oni-0a258.pngSquad: Firing Squad

To Unlock: Play Operation Demon & Fox after you you kill the first Lieutenant

Upgrades: Unknown... for now!

Core Upgrades

  • Unstoppable Force (Intimidating Stare also grants Precision when slowing a target)
  • Smoke Screen (Dropping a Smoke Bomb automatically reloads Oni's current weapon) 
  • Fearmonger (When killing Panicked enemies while Mayhem Ability is active, both Panic and Mayhem durations are extended)

200px-rama-bd23a.pngSquad: Bombshells

To Unlock: Play Operation Raging Arrow (Special Investigation Rama) after you visit the ARK for the first time


  • Biophysicist (Increased Damage Over Time Effects)
  • Neurologist (Reduced Trap Arming Time)
  • Noble Avatar (Increased Weak Point Damage)
  • True Refuge (Reduced Debuff Durations)

Core Upgrades

  • Slayer Of Ravana (Accelerate Special Ability cool down and gain bonus Special Ability damage)
  • Rishi's Blessing (Fire two bonus Plague Arrows when using Mayhem Ability)
  • Pavana's Whisper (Smoke Screen Ability also causes damage over time)
Red Card

200px-redcard-bc27e.pngSquad: Bombshells

To Unlock: Play Operation Big Game  after you you kill the first Lieutenant


  • Aggravating Assault (Increased Life Drain from Enemy Kills)
  • Inner Calm (Increased Special Ability Charge Speed)
  • Oversharer (Increased Melee Damage)
  • Protected From On High (Increased Shield Reboot)

Core Upgrades

  • Big Swing (Alternate melee attack with bigger damage radius)
  • Unsportsmanlike Conduct (Damage and Stagger enemies when using Dash)
  • The Best Defense (Mayhem Ability damage is doubled)

200px-scheherazade-3c5b9.pngSquad: Firing Squad

To Unlock: Play main story mission Operation Dimensions of the Ninja

Upgrades: Unkown... for now!

Core Upgrades:

  • Optimal Focus (Bonus damage to enemies with full Health and Shields)
  • Killing Floor (Gain additional duration to Mayhem Ability with each kill)
  • Phase Armor (Gain Fortify for a moment after each teleport)

200px-yeti-32440.pngSquad: Carnage a Trois

To Unlock: Play Operation Caged Ice after you unlock Rama


  • Coldblooded (Increased Shield Regen from Frozen Melee)
  • Frozen Concentrate (Increased Mayhem Ability Duration)
  • Icebreaker (Increased Melee Damage Against Frozen Enemies)
  • United Cold Front (Increased Max Shields)

Core Upgrades:

  • Cold Snap (Weapon is always Frozen while using Mayhem Ability)
  • Power of the Yeti (Gains 3 stacks of Empower when reloading)
  • Osmotic Stress Ball (Deal 20% bonus damage on Stunned or Frozen targets)

Those are all the Agents Of Mayhem characters currently available! Which one is your favorite, and whats your preferred three agent lineup? Let us know down in the comments!

Published Aug. 15th 2017

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