Tree of Savior F2P launch delayed and pricing sees changes with South American server announcement

Tree of Savior gets Exclusive Access pricing changes, a launch delay, and a South American server.

Tree of Savior's Exclusive Access period has been a crazy ride for both IMC Games and its playerbase, but that ride isn't over yet. IMC is changing the launch schedule and Exclusive Access pack pricing in several regions in response to some players purchasing cheap packs in some regions to make those big Silver bucks.

For those unaware, Tree of Savior's Exclusive Access pricing varied greatly from region to region before now. Packs that costed between $9.99 and $49.99 in North America costed only a fraction of the price in other regions. This is fairly standard for titles on Steam -- but it's less than ideal for MMORPGs, where cheap access means RMT bots and less savory players who can exploit the system for their own gain.

In Tree of Savior's case, that gain is dirt-cheap Tokens that can be sold on the market for big bucks.

It's easy to see why IMC Games had to take action. The shout chat channel is filled with RMT spam soon as you log in, and bots are everywhere. Dealing with the pack pricing issue is only handling one head of the hydra, but it is a start.

Exclusive Access packs in several regions have had their prices raised to attempt to hinder exploitative players buying them up at dirt-cheap prices, but have also increased the limited time discount on them. As of today each pack is 50% off. Previously they were announced to be 30% off, but the discount percentage has been raised in light of the regional price changes.

Along with the delayed release date and pricing changes comes a not-so-surprise announcement: IMC Games themselves will be opening a South American server due to popular demand. This server will be rolled out after IMC Games have finished the transfers to the European and Southeast Asian servers, after which transfers to the new South American server will open.

Tree of Savior's full free to play launch has been delayed to sometime in May to iron out some more kinks before the surge of new players on launch.

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Published Apr. 21st 2016

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