Gamesco Announces Grimm: Dark Legacy MMO

Gamesco announces an MMO titled Grimm: Dark Legacy to be based around the NBC Hit Show, Grimm!

Just about a few months ago, a new video-game publisher called Gamesco, announced that they were going to be producing many new online games for PC and console that revolve around iconic Hollywood films and television brands and IP.

So far they have one released online MMORPG called Titan Siege, which I have yet to try out however, there is one game that is going to be releasing this year that many people just want to play based solely off the show it is revolved around; Grimm! Grimm is an NBC Hit Series show that started over four years ago. It follows a police detective that can see people change into creatures called "Wesen." Some are friendly and others are completely crazy and decide they want to kill people. It is the detective and his team's job to figure out which ones are bad and which ones are good.

Gamesco announced that sometime this year they are going to release a Free-To-Play MMO game based on the show Grimm titled Grimm: Dark Legacy. This game is going to take place several hundred years before the TV show's current setting where players are going to have to fight off the Wesen as a Grimm ancestor who's job was to just behead anyone who Woge; which is a term used in the show to describe anyone who switches from human form to animal/creature form.

As a Grimm, players will be encouraged to explore the expansive Old World while completing a ton of different types of missions to receive rewards; all the while becoming the best Grimm Hunter by acquiring a ton of different weapons found in the show! Below is a photo of the weapons that the Grimm possesses in the TV show itself. Really crazy, huh?

Gamesco has a lot to live up to right now. This could honestly be one of those make it or break it titles and even the most smallest of things could destroy it. If you are interested in signing up for the Beta, head on over to the official link here.

Other than that, stay tuned and follow me on my page to get future updates for Grimm: Dark Legacy as they become available.



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Published Apr. 4th 2016

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