Aion continues to grow with "Echoes of Eternity," available now

Aion's fifth content expansion provides players with a wealth of content showing that this seasoned MMO is still flapping its wings.

Aion’s latest update, “Echoes of Eternity”, is now live. NCSoft’s MMO turns 8 this year and the company is still adding fresh and new content to satiate its player base. The update brings additional story, customization, dungeons and a number of other changes and content for players to dive into.

The game’s fifth content expansion adds a laundry list of new features for both seasoned players as well as the new. Having new Character Progression, Customization, Zones, Instances, UI/Quality of Life Improvements, and Items will give players hours of new content to consume.

Character Progression

“EoE” increases the level cap from 65 to 75, and also adds a new progression path as players evolve into Archdaevas. Becoming an Archdaeva rewards the player with a cosmetic player portrait as well as the ability to earn and spend Essence to make their character more powerful.


Usually an expansion focuses on end-game content to placate players who are at max level. “EoE” adds new player customization at the creation screen (hairstyles, colors, textures, and body sliders) to give new players even more choices when starting their adventure in Aion.


The zones of Iluma and Norsvold are the new areas that players will be exploring in this latest expansion. Iluma is the location of Elyos’s holy ground. A land that was defiled by the Asmodians’ contant bloodshed. Norsvold is the land that serves as a bitter reminder of the time when the Elyos and Balaur fought together to wreak havoc on their world.

Both zones feature capture points for world PvP that further enforce the brutal war between the Elyos and Asmodians.


Two instances, Archives of Eternity and The Drakenseer’s Lair, have been released as players fight to obtain the Artifact that is the key to destroying the Tower of Eternity. Both instances are for 6 players that are level 66 and above.

UI/Quality of Life Improvements

Improvements to the Gear Modification interface, item activation interface, and other explanatory text improve the overall player experience. Catchup mechanics such as a reduction in the 1-65 leveling experience and a new experience boost system will help new players and re-rolling seasoned players move through legacy content.


New Item Sets for both factions pair with the new Archedaeva system providing players with gear that scales with their current Archedaeva level.

“Echoes of Eternity” is available now, and can be downloaded from Aion’s main site.


Published Jul. 17th 2016
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