NBA 2K15 Face-scanner Renders Disfigured Faces

Gamers Tweeted their disfigured faces created by NBA 2K15's face-scanning feature, while a reporter was able to successfully render his chihuahua into the game.

The latest installment of 2K Sports’ licensed NBA video game was released without a glitch until gamers started scanning their faces.

For the first time in the My Career game mode, a face-scanning feature was included in the game. The feature gives players who bought NBA 2K15 the option to stand near the Xbox Kinect or PlayStation camera and slowly rotate their head for roughly 30 seconds. This allows the game to render a 3D image by capturing thousands of points on the face.

Instead, various players took to Twitter with screenshots of their disfigured faces. The final rendering included mismatched complexions, misplaced facial features, and caved in jaw lines.

“@seth_rosenthal putting in my entry for wort 2k face scan,” Andrew Chesley wrote on Twitter. “Pic doesn’t capture the terror of watching him blink.”

Surprisingly, James Dator of SB Nation reported that his 10-year-old chihuahua named Pepper was successfully scanned into the game.

“Sure (Pepper) is missing some teeth and is afraid of strangers,” Dator wrote, “but I thought she was ready for the NBA.”

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Published Oct. 8th 2014
  • Blizzardwon
    Appears to me this is the way the game really sees you.
  • Nauha
    The Dog looked the best of the lot!!
  • topher339
    It really looks rather humorous...

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