E3 Tech Demo - The Dark Sorcerer

A Beautiful And Hilarious Tech Demo From Quantic Dream

Last week at E3 I saw an amazing tech demo for the PS4 that you all have to see. I will start off by saying that, sadly, this is not an actual game in development. Though if they decide to make it I would totally buy a PS4 just for this game. Take a look for yourselves at this hilarious demo, it is 12 minutes long and well worth your time.

The Dark Sorcerer is a tech demo running in real-time on the PS4, and it looks amazing. The graphics are stunning, so much so that I almost forgot it was a tech demo. If this is the kind of visuals the PS4 has in store for us then it might actually make it into my living room. The video was hilarious, and very refreshing with all the serious titles we have seen this week.

Quantic Dream boss David Cage gave us a remark on the reception of his project. "The comedy genre hasn't really been explored since the old Lucasarts titles. We've really been taken by surprise, the feedback has been incredibly positive. People laughed and the booth was crowded all day long." He also didn't rule out a full release of The Dark Sorcerer saying, "Never say never".

Hopefully we will see this amazing demo turn into a full game, but as of yet it is not in development.

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Published Jun. 18th 2013

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