Hearthstone's League of Explorers opens its fourth and final wing

The fourth wing of the League of Explorers solo adventure opens today.

Today, we see the release of the fourth and final wing of Hearthstone's third solo adventure The League of Explorers. Here, you'll be facing Skelesaurus Hex, The Steel SentinelArch-Thief Rafaam, and Rafaam Unleashed. This also marks the release of the rogue and mage class challenges.

For the brave of heart, the heroic mode is where the real difficulty lies, offering hardcore players daunting fights and bragging rights.

And, most importantly, a new wing means new cards. Fortunately, if you're scrambling for gold -- or, like me, haven't even unlocked the third wing yet -- don't fret: the cards in this wing aren't incredibly powerful. This is merciful on Blizzard's part, considering the fact that this wing requires you to have spent 2,100 gold already, and asks 700 more to unlock it. 

If you want some genuinely fun cards to play with, though, you best start grinding gold. The fourth and final wing brings us two new legendary minions that might not be powerful, but can definitely be entertaining to play with.










Both cards create huge, splashy effects that will undoubtedly allow for some memorable plays. Elise Starseeker is tragically slow, but amazingly fun.

Just by playing her, she sets you off on a treasure hunt. "Map to the Golden Monkey" is just the first piece of the puzzle, and playing it will start the treasure hunt all over again. However, if you can somehow survive while waiting to draw this card, you won't be disappointed:

Of course, waiting around to draw this card isn't the soundest of strategies, but building a deck and trying to pull it off is definitely going to be a blast. 

As for Rafaam, he'll give you a pick of three powerful cards:


Sadly, at ten mana, Rafaam's gifts aren't going to be breaking the meta anytime soon, but like Elise Starseeker, he's an entertaining card that does entertaining things, and Hearthstone can always use more of that.

It's especially refreshing to see that we're getting more casual cards since legendary powerhouses like Brann Bronzebeard and Reno Jackson are already shaking the meta up in crazy ways.

Now that League of Explorers is done, it's likely we'll see a lull in content, and the meta will stabilize. What do you think the best decks will be now that the entire expansion has been released?


Published Dec. 11th 2015

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