Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Expansion Revealed

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is getting an expansion next year. Fans can also submit ideas for items, 10 will feature in the game.

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is getting an expansion next year, and fans can help create 10 items which will feature in the expansion.

On the Binding of Isaac website in a post Edmund McMillen says:

once the holidays end, the nicalis gang will be jumping back into the abyss and digging into the very large design doc i have ready for em. i have big plans for this expansion, i hope to add a very huge chunk of gameplay in the form of a new game mode that will almost double the amount of things you can do, im very proud of this new design.

So Isaac fans will have to once again 100% the game, for the third time.

As for the fan created items go, Edmund has laid out some rules, these are pretty basic but will help in getting exactly what Edmund wants.

  1. He only wants item effects, no names or how the items will look. Think an item which affects your tears, or an item which can reroll something in the store. 
  2. No redundant items, which would be something to the effect of an item which is better than this other item, or something which will reroll all items in the current room.
  3. Nothing too complex. Something like an item which will teleport you to the closest boss, gives you one extra heart, makes the boss faster, spawns a random high level item, and will give you a revive is a bit too complex.

Some examples of items already in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Reddit will be where you can post your own ideas, and be sure to upvote any ideas which you think are the best. Edmund also wants the community to downvote any items which are bad, or do not meet the guidelines. The 10 items Edmund deems to be the best will be implemented into the game as unique community items.

The expansion will not only include a whole new mode and the community items, but a host of new enemies, new bosses, new areas, new endings and a new playable character.

Make sure you put foward your ideas for the best item on the Reddit page, and be sure to read the rules. Expect new information on the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth expansion on the website on "(almost every) monday."

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Published Nov. 26th 2014

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