Facebook Set to Acquire Oculus Rift

Facebook agrees to purchase Oculus Rift while it remains independent.

Facebook has set its sights on another technology company. This time, its target is Oculus Rift.

According to a Facebook status by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and Oculus VR have struck an agreement that will allow Facebook to acquire the upcoming VR darling.

While Zuckerberg intends on continuing with the gaming platform part of Oculus Rift, he also intends on extending the technology to include other scenarios as well. Zuckerberg mentioned in his status the following:

  • Court side seats at a game.
  • studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world
  • consulting with a doctor face to face

Zuckerberg seems to have big plans to put into place for Oculus. He said in his Facebook post that the VR system is "a new communication platform." The above scenarios are only a few of the possible ways that the system can be used. Zuckerberg wants people to not just share moments via their timeline, "but entire experiences and adventures."

While Facebook is acquiring Oculus, they will not operate within Facebook and will remain independent.

(Article image from securitystate.com)

Published Mar. 25th 2014
  • WesleyG
    Beat me to the punch! Anyway, I think this acquisition could lead to some interesting scenarios. I didn't even think about things like stadium seating. I'd love to see that kind of tech used for things like E3 Conferences. I also wouldn't mind seeing a Seahawks game from the 50 yard line either, maybe even having a view from Russel Wilson's helmet as he drops back to pass.

    I shouldn't get too excited though, this is Facebook we're talking about. It could just as well be another thing to put Facebook Messenger on.

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