Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer Shares Release Date

Destiny 2's release date has been revealed. And a pre-order beta has been promised. Are you ready to avenge your loot...I mean comrades?

A couple days ago we were treated to a teaser trailer for Destiny 2. Today we were given a full a reveal trailer that officially told us the release date: September 8th. Pre-ordering now will guarantee access to the early beta, although we don't have any details on when this will start.

The trailer itself does not actually depict any gameplay. Instead it depicts 2 guardians -- one of whom is Robot Nathan Fillion from the teaser trailer -- at different locations giving rallying battle speeches. It opens with the first guardian, who looks like he could was pulled out of the ranks of Diablo's angels, uttering the lines:

"Times may be dark, but we are Earth's greatest hope. Look around you, a gathering of Earth's guardians new and old."

This is quickly countered by Robot Nathan Fillion giving his own ragtag group a rallying speech.

"Okay. Listen up. You're a bunch of dirty misfits. But you are all that's left, so you will have to do."

It would appear that the Tower and surrounding city has not only been attacked, but successfully destroyed -- along with all of your stuff. This confirms what we already knew: items will not be carrying over into Destiny 2. It's a worthy reason to avenge all those lost!

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Published Apr. 7th 2017

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