10-4: Copy.That. Simon Says Clone Debuts On iOS and Android

Copy.That brings Simon to the modern age.

Copy.That brings Simon to the modern age.
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Coming from Seoul, South Korea, developer LuckyJuly Inc. and creator of Limons for iOS and Android, comes Copy.That. Copy.That is a simple, yet addictive puzzle-like game that puts player’s memories to the test. Similar to Simon, this game is turn-based where an AI presents certain patterns that a player must copy, failing to do so will force the player to start over.

Copy.That invites players to try different game modes. Each level can be played at varying difficulties, and for an extended gameplay experience, people can login through their Facebook profiles to challenge friends and family in the special battle mode. Following the launch of Copy.That, LuckyJuly Inc. has also announced the “Copy.That Challenge”, a special event that invites players to try the aforementioned battle mode. The promotion boasts the chance to win a brand new iPhone 7, 128 GB unlocked model as a way to encourage players to try the multiplayer functionality of their new game. The game is available now in both the Google Play Store and App store.

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