10 Guesses on Project Blackstone

Project Blackstone: because being mysterious makes all the fan boys/girls want you.

Project Blackstone: because being mysterious makes all the fan boys/girls want you.
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Blizzard’s got two upcoming titles (possibly one that they reserved two names for) that they’ve been keeping under wraps. The first is Titan, which has been in the public eye for a while. Or rather, the title alone has. Other than rumors of Titan being a casual MMO, nothing is known about it. Even less is known about the freshly acquired website for Project Blackstone. That, of course, doesn’t stop Blizzard’s obsessive fans from speculating.

Being one such obsessive fan, I thought I’d take a crack at it:

1) It’s related to one of the three popular pre-existing franchises

Blizzard has three cash cows whose milk is everflowing, meaning they have no reason to ever create a new setting. Why mess with success?

2) It’s related to one of the dead pre-existing franchises

A man can only hope that he will see his favorite vikings once again.

3) Entering the jewel market

They’ve proven that they can generate real cash with in-game items. Why not generate real cash with real items? Perhaps Blizz will find a way to teach their players JC in real life. Besides, with so many couples meeting in Azeroth, a line of wedding related jewelry and gifts might prove pretty popular.

4) A fake title

Making video games is tedious work. Sometimes it’s nice to relax every once in a while and have some fun at the expense of your fans. 

5) Starcraft Ghost

Ha ha ha ha ha. (I still haven’t canceled my preorder. Hold on hope. Gamecube forever.)

6) Punishment for naughty employees during the holidays

Project Blackstone? What better address for a site that tracks who’s getting coal in their stocking this year!

7) The corruption of Full House’s beloved uncle Joey Gladstone

I mean, really, what has Dave Coulier been doing for so long? We miss you, Dave. That hiding thing? Cut. It. Out.

8) The new warchief for the Horde

Project Blackstone would be better than Garrosh, or whatever it ends up being.

9) Something or other for the Alliance

Because their playerbase would whine if they weren’t mentioned when the Horde was.

10) A new game!

I’m really doubting this one.

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