101 Ways To Die innovates the sense of killing off creatures with style!

101 Ways To Die releasing later this month

101 Ways To Die innovates the sense of killing off creatures with style!
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101 Ways To Die is a game where you, a lab assistant without any morals, aim to rebuild Professor Ernst Splattunfuder’s experiment. The game itself comes out in late March, but with a different release date for each Platform. PC players will get it on March 22nd, PlayStation 4 on March 22nd, and Xbox One on March 24th.  

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The main objective in this game is to kill Splatts in the most creative way possible in the level given. Sadly, the professor’s book “101 Ways To Die” has been stripped due to an unfortunate accident. Now it’s up to you to fill in the missing pages by creating the most gruesome experiments possible by killing your test subjects with style!

You’ll be given weapons to use in the game to create deadly traps. You can either go for the one star objective, which requires you to simply kill all the splatts, or you can go for the three star objective that has you kill all the splatts in a creative way. You unlock new ways to kill and have to reach the maximum of 101 ways to kill splatts.

This is honestly one of the simplest games out there and there’s not much to it. It has been received well and has been featured on Microsoft and Sony‘s website. And let’s not forget GameGrin‘s and PCInvasion‘s preview on the game.




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