$156,000 Dota 2 Hosted by ESL

ESL TV is hosting a Dota 2 tournament with $156,000 total in prizes spread out over 2013.

With the amount of money that various e-sports have been throwing around, it was perhaps only a matter of time until Dota 2 joined the prize pool party, and the MOBA is not doing so halfway.

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ESL TV has announced a brand new Dota 2 tournament for 2013.  The format will be based on their ESL Majors Series and will have a total prize pool of $156,000.  The only tournament for the game with a larger prize pool is Valve’s International tournament at $1.6 million.

The money will be spread out over four tournament seasons, all of which will be broadcast by ESL TV.  The teams competing will be made up of, “the best teams from Europe” with the biggest and most anticipated matches being broadcast with a live Dota 2 streamcaster.

Tournament organizers have been quoted on Reddit stating that they plan to include Asian and American teams in future tournaments.  Information for team registration will be available soon, so prospective Dota 2 teams can get prepared.


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