2013 E3: New Gameplay Trailer for DayZ Stand-Alone

E3 2013 reveals exciting gameplay for the new version of DayZ Stand-Alone!

As big as E3 is, we can’t forget about our PC games as well. DayZ Stand-Alone was given a first-ever look at the gameplay with Bohemia Interactive’s Matt Lightfoot. DayZ Stand-Alone is an open-world zombie survival experience beyond any other before.

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The Stand-Alone shows off some new parts to the game like new loot and gear systems, menu interface, character models, animations, and environments unlike DayZ has had before. Matt also gives us a peek at a new pro “crouch” zombie avoidance maneuver that I especially like. The items in this zombie-filled world can be crafted and combined via a new crafting system. Players can also customize their appearance with the clothes on there backs to hold more space for those items.

Bohemia Interactive has decided to not give a release date as of yet. But they have decided on completely rebuilding the game with an MMO-like client and sever architecture that will make the game run so much smoother.

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