33 Immortals Lets 33 Friends Tackle Raids Together

33 Immortals shows raiding in style at Summer Game Fest.

33 Immortals

During the beginning of Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, indie developer Thunder Lotus announced its next project: 33 Immortals. A top-down action game that looks quite similar to Hades, the unique hook with this action title is that it features 33-player co-op support.

You and a small army of friends can team up to take on MMO-like raids together. That’s one way to break the mold set by other similar roguelites despite its apparent inspiration from Hades. 33 players is a number seen rarely in multiplayer games, much less a roguelite.

Thunder Lotus are the developers behind Jotun, Sundered, and Spiritfarer. How they’ll handle a multiplayer roguelite is anyone’s guess, but what they’ve shown with 33 Immortals is enough to stoke some intrigue. There hasn’t been a roguelite of this multiplayer scale yet.

As with pretty much every game shown off during the Xbox Games Showcase, 33 Immortals will be launching on Xbox Game Pass sometime next year. If you’d like to buy the game, it will be available on PC (via the Epic Games Store) and Xbox Series X|S.

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