343 gives new info about Halo 5 multiplayer!

343 answers questions about Halo 5’s new game modes!

343 gives new info about Halo 5 multiplayer!
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James Holmes of 343 Industries addressed questions that players had about Halo 5: Guardians earlier this week. In his interview, he gave us a little more detail about Halo 5‘s new arena mode, as well as which game types will make their way into this new hardcore setting.

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Halo 5‘s arena system will be focused on primary game types such as Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, and other main game modes, and new game modes will be added as the developers get feedback from players once Halo 5 releases.

The iconic assault rifle and pistol will be the starting weapons, while the battle rifle will remain a pick up item that players will have to find. This is meant to encourage players to move throughout the map to find where items and good vantage points are located.

Halo 5 is also going to have the best version of forge yet. Holmes stated that it will be the biggest evolution of forge since its inception, but he was very vague about it. Hopefully we will get a look at just how great it is when they reveal more about the game mode in the next couple weeks. The hype continues to grow as Halo 5 gets ready to drop in just one month!

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