4-Player Co-Op Horror GTFO Escapes into Early Access This Year

GTFO will enter Early Access by year's end. 10 Chambers Collective details new info about the shooter.

A new hardcore horror co-op game is due to hit Steam Early Access sometime next month. It comes from Swedish game development crew 10 Chambers Collective, which includes members who previously worked on Payday: The Heist and Payday 2.

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The game, called GTFO, will require stealth-based teamwork between 4-player groups to survive an underground complex where you and your team members are being held captive by The Warden. It’s a shooter through and through, and pseudo-survival mechanics, such as scarce ammunition, will make an appearance. 

Using the Rundown system, new levels will regularly replace old ones in frequent content updates, and more difficult scavenging expeditions into deeper areas of the complex will unlock as players progress.

You can now wishlist GTFO at Steam, and a teaser trailer showcasing recently announced features of the Rundown system can be seen above.

GTFO is expected to land in Early Access for $34.99 by year’s end, and signups for an early beta test are available now. The Early Access phase will be utilized to tweak how the Rundown system works to balance expedition length and difficulty. 

10 Chambers Collective also commented on the upcoming release:

Each work order in the Rundown represents an expedition into a different part of the complex where the environment, the population of monsters, the objective, and other conditions can all be vastly different and offer diverse gaming experiences.

What makes the Rundown a unique and exciting concept, is the countdown timer. When time runs out, the Rundown and its objectives get replaced by new ones. The previous Rundown is wiped and won’t be playable anymore.

By using this system, 10 Chambers Collective are able to keep GTFO dynamic while also compelling the game’s community to focus on a common set of expeditions. Gamers will be always able to come back to GTFO for fresh new challenges that they can take on with their hardcore gamer friends.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on GTFO as it breaks. 

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